Two towns. Two cultures.

One passion.

Celebrating and Preserving the Tradition of la Festa dei Ceri

 Each year, the Saint Ubaldo Society welcomes thousands of visitors to Jessup, Pennsylvania to celebrate one of the world’s oldest and most beloved traditions - la Festa dei Ceri.


Brought to the Jessup community in 1909, the Festa celebrates and honors the life and legacy of Sant’Ubaldo, patron saint of Gubbio, Italy. During the second wave of immigration, immigrants from Gubbio traveled to the United States to find work in the coal mines of Lackawanna County. Homesick for the family, loved ones and traditions left behind, the Eugubini built wooden pillars similar to those used during the festival in Gubbio and ran through the streets of their new and unfamiliar home.


Learn more about how the life of Sant'Ubaldo ties together two towns, two cultures and two peoples - oceans apart.  


Traveling to Jessup for Saint Ubaldo Day? Learn more about the day, what to expect and all of the exciting highlights you won't want to miss!

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Our celebration wouldn't be possible without the love and generosity of our family and friends. Learn more about Eugubini around the world.