The celebration of La Festa dei Ceri would not be possible without the continued support of the Jessup community and our friends and family in Gubbio, Italy.  We host a number of community, family-friendly events each May and throughout the year. Your support goes a long way to help us preserve this beloved tradition for generations to come. 

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Hang your flags

Hang your flags or "Stendardi"  for the month of May to show your pride in the saint you carry.  Notice the flags have more similarities than differences much like the uniforms.   

Flags are available at Three Saints Barber Shop 401 Church St. Jessup PA

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Light a torch or candle
May 15 

May 15,16, 23 from 8-9 PM 

Light a candle or torch in your yard or on your porch to honor all our past runners and to show solidarity with our beloved Saints!


In Gubbio this tradition started over 900 years ago as a sign of solidarity when under attack. Now its symbolic of the light that shines bright finishing at the

tomb of S. Ubaldo. 


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