Although the ceri in Jessup are much smaller than those carried in Gubbio, the same passion, desire and love for Sant’ Ubaldo lives within the hearts of those who carry the cero. Don’t forget, the Festa dei Ceri is not a race! It’s a procession. Sant’Ubaldo always "wins". It is his day, after all!

Follow the Corsa

Stops are located at the following street intersections:

  1. Powell Avenue and Ward Street

  2. Mylert Street and Short Street 

  3. Grassy Island Avenue and Ward Street

  4. Church Street and Center Street

  5. The S Turn (Church Street and Front Street)

  6. Church Street and Lane Street

  7. Church Street and Third Avenue

  8. At this point, the ceri turn to run up Church Street.

  9. Church Street and Erie Street

  10. Erie Street

  11. Veterans Memorial Field


The ceraioli, capodieci, capocette and others will celebrate a successful end of the Corsa with a procession of the disassembled ceri, stanghe and saints to the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center. ​


Make plans to join us for the Ceri Piccoli! 

The Sunday following la Festa dei Ceri celebration, the tradition continues with running of the Ceri Piccoli.  

Visit Us:

310 Third Avenue

Jessup, Pennsylvania 18434