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Planning to take part in la Festa dei Ceri? Here's what you need to know!

Although the ceri in Jessup are much smaller than those carried in Gubbio, the same passion, desire and love for Sant’ Ubaldo lives within the hearts of those who carry the cero. Don’t forget, the Festa dei Ceri is not a race! It’s a procession. Sant’Ubaldo always "wins". It is his day, after all!

6:00 AM
Drummers from the Valley View High School Marching Band will march the streets of Jessup  to wake up the town and each capodieci, the Primo Capitano and the Secondo Capitano. The drummers will begin their march from Jessup Station Park.

7:00 to 9:15 AM

The Valley View High School band will march throughout the town of Jessup playing the traditional music of la Festa dei Ceri.

7:30 AM

The capodieci, capocette, Primo Capitano, Secondo Capitano and community leaders will gather at Saint John's Italian-American Cemetery to lay a wreath of flowers in memory of the ceraioli who are no longer with us and to honor those who have passed. Saint John's Italian-American Cemetery is located on Route 247 on Jessup Mountain.

8:30 AM

The procession of ceraioli, mayor and local leaders will gather at the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center for a blessing and prayer service will be held at the Saint Ubaldo Cultural Center to pray for a safe corsa and to reflect on the day ahead. The Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center is located at 310 Third Avenue in Jessup.


10:30 AM

Immediately following the prayer service, each family will host a breakfast for their ceraioli. The Family of Saint Anthony will host a breakfast for all families, the band and community leaders at the Jessup American Legion. The Jessup American Legion is located on Church Street.

11:30 AM

All ceraioli, capodieci, capocette, the Primo Capitano, Secondo Capitano and all of the day's participants should meet at the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center to receive their mazzolin di fiori and celebrate as the three saints are carried out of the chapel to begin the procession to the Heritage Center. The Heritage Center is located on Church Street. 

11:50 AM

After the procession to the Heritage Center, the ceraioli will gather inside for a brief blessing.​ The mayor will share brief remarks and present the Primo Capitano with a key to the city.


The Alzata represents the rebirth of the saints. The ceraioli will assemble the ceri - first raising the stanga, a wooden H-shaped platform that is carried on the shoulders of the runners. The cero, or wooden pillar, is fixed to the stanga with a tight fitting pin. The saints, approximately 30 inches tall, are attached to the top of the ceri. The Secondo Capitano gives the signal to the capodieci that have already climbed on to the frame to salute to the city of Jessup, the campanone and campanari. The capodieci toss the brocce, or vases, into the crowd and the saints are raised. Each ceri, when fully assembled, is 15 feet high and weighs about 400 pounds!


Immediately following the alzata, the Mostra will begin. Younger ceraioli and the women of Jessup have the opportunity to walk throughout the town to feel the power of the cero as it sits on their shoulders. It is also a time for each family to pay homage to those who no longer carry the cero and celebrate the camaraderie of the day.

4:00 to 5:28 PM

The ceraioli will gather at the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center to begin the procession of the most holy relic of Sant’ Ubaldo and the statue of Sant’ Ubaldo. The procession will make its way from the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center to the beginning of the Corsa dei Ceri.  

5:28 to 5:30 PM

As the relic and statue of Sant’ Ubaldo approach the ceri, the ceraioli will hoist the cero on to their shoulders in preparation for the beginning of the corsa. Following a sign of the cross and a bow to the statue of Sant' Ubaldo, the Corsa dei Ceri begins. ​ ​


Follow the Corsa

Stops are located at the following street intersections:

  1. Powell Avenue and Ward Street

  2. Mylert Street and Short Street 

  3. Grassy Island Avenue and Ward Street

  4. Church Street and Center Street

  5. The S Turn (Church Street and Front Street)

  6. Church Street and Lane Street

  7. Church Street and Third Avenue

  8. At this point, the ceri turn to run up Church Street.

  9. Church Street and Erie Street

  10. Erie Street

  11. Veterans Memorial Field


The ceraioli, capodieci, capocette and others will celebrate a successful end of the Corsa with a procession of the disassembled ceri, stanghe and saints to the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center. ​


Make plans to join us for the Ceri Piccoli! 

The Sunday following la Festa dei Ceri celebration, the tradition continues with running of the Ceri Piccoli.  

10:00 to 10:30 AM
All children will meet at the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center. A small breakfast will be available before the day's festivities get underway. The Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center is located at 310 Third Avenue in Jessup.

11:00 AM

There will be a short blessing and prayer service at the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center chapel.

11:30 AM

The children will celebrate the Alzata, or the Raising of the Saints, in front of the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center.

12:30 PM

The Ceri Piccoli will begin at the corner of Ward Street and Powell Avenue and will conculde at Jessup Veterans Memorial Field. Following the Ceri Piccoli, the children will process to the Saint Ubaldo Society Cultural Center.